​​Southern Zen is a full service catering company dedicated to mindful cuisine.  Whether it is an intimate dinner party or a large formal party, Southern Zen can provide food with an evident base of soulful thought.  

Soulful” does not define the cuisine but the passion behind the cuisine.  
Our services include:
  1. Receptions
    From wedding receptions to baby showers, let Southern Zen provide personalized catering services for your next event
  2. Cooking Classes
    Getting together for a girl's night in? Trying to impress that special someone? Try a cooking class with Southern Zen!
  3. Prepared Meals
    Short on time? Let Southern Zen kitchens provide the perfect quick meal for your family!
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Southern Zen focuses on providing the best in quality ingredients for our clients
  1. Whole Grains
    Whole Grains
    Southern Zen uses whole grains in all of our dishes. The use of whole grains promotes healthy living without sacrificing taste!
  2. The "good" oils
    The "good" oils
    All of our dishes are made with healthy oils such as olive oils and coconut oils to enhance the flavors of our dishes as promote sustained health.
  3. Healthy Protein
    Healthy Protein
    We use healthier options for our protein selections. Turkey and chicken is often used as a substitute for beef and pork.
  4. Fresh local produce
    Fresh local produce
    We use seasonal local produce for our fruits and vegetables in our dishes. This ensures the fresh taste as well as a dynamic menu offering!